This is a class to teach foundation agility skills to beginner dogs and handlers. The two goals are:

1- Develop confidence and independence on dogs.

2- Develop basic training skills on handlers

Purpose of the class

  • Prepare dogs to run courses without excessive cheerleading or luring.
  • Train dogs to learn and enjoy offering behaviors.
  • Create happy and confident dogs.
  • Make preliminary mistakes away from agility obstacles
  • Instill good agility and training practices on handlers

Please note this is not a class that puts dogs on the obstacles right away. There will be several weeks of training before dogs can start doing some obstacles. 

Areas to cover

  • Building independence
  • Offering behaviors
  • Confidence building
  • Verbal and motion cues
  • Handling and discrimination
  • Conditioning

When and where

Fridays and Saturdays evenings. Foundation Skills for Dogs and Handlers (this class does not have any agility obstacles).

After the “Foundation Skills for Dogs and Handlers” class is completed, you can move to the next class: Obstacle Skills and Handling, which is ongoing.

Location: Escondido, CA.

Class content

Skills you and your dog will learn:

  • Transports and clean loops
  • Teaching dog to go away and come back to us
  • Intro to shaping
  • Offering behaviors
  • Walking on weird things
  • Teaching stay
  • Intro to contacts
  • Intro to handling
  • Motion cues
  • Crosses (front, rear, blind)
  • Go through a tunnel
  • Go between jump wings
  • Intro to canine conditioning
  • Intro to warmups
  • Intro to discriminations


  • No dogs that bark excessively, bark to other dogs
  • No prong, choke or electronic collars allowed
  • Dog can accept grab collar or harness grab
  • Dog can stay inside crate
  • Vaccinated. 6 months old unless otherwise approved (ask first)
  • No dogs with aggression history (towards dogs or humans), biting history
  • Dogs must be comfortable off leash around unfamiliar humans or dogs
  • Dogs need to have a semi reliable recall
  • Dog must have taken at least one group class somewhere else (obedience, tricks, CGC, puppy class)

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