New Agility Class for 2023

I am very excited to announce a new class with obstacles will be available in April 2023!

The purpose of this class is to introduce young dogs and new handlers to handling short sequences using jumps and tunnels.

This class will be available for anyone that has taken the Pre-Agility class or who has been qualified to skip Pre-Agility.

You can pre-register for the April session using this link.

New sessions in April

Next class session is scheduled to start on April 21st at 5pm and 6pm.

Two sessions will be offered:

  • Pre-Agility – Dog Agility Foundations for Dogs and Handlers
  • Agility – A session to introduce young dogs and handlers to handling obstacles (jumps and tunnels)

Please pre-register to save your spot!

START Agility

START Agility is a class to teach foundation agility skills to dogs and handlers. The two goals are:
1- Develop confidence and independence on dogs.

2- Develop basic training skills on handlers

Purpose of the class

  • Prepare dogs to run courses without excessive cheerleading or luring.
  • Train dogs to learn and enjoy offering behaviors and to understand that their behaviors control the reinforcements.
  • Create happy and confident dogs.
  • Make preliminary mistakes away from agility obstacles (the class will not use any agility obstacles)
  • Instill good agility and training practices on handlers

Learn more about the class