Do I really need to take a foundations class?

I think everyone should start Agility learning foundations skills away from the obstacles.¬†Advanced skills are just foundation skills put together. Agility is a game of “go take that obstacle and come back to me” so the class is designed to teach our dogs to be independent and confident, before we start adding more complexity to the training.

I’ve never trained my dog before. Is this a good class to start?

No. If you have never participated in a group class or your dog has no basic training, please consider attending a basic manners group class first.

Why doesn’t this class use obstacles?

Dogs are very good at making associations. When we start Agility we will make tons of mistakes as handlers. If something scary happens to our dogs, they may associate the obstacles with the scary thing and will lose confidence. This class gives you the chance to make all your preliminary mistakes away from the obstacles.